Ambiter took Ethical principles and values ​​not only to allow proper operation of the company, but also to ensure the reputation and reliability that are unfailing assumptions of its current success and its future development.

Ambiter is acting as primary objective the creation of value through the achievement of its corporate purpose.

This objective is pursued in the awareness of ethical and social responsibility implied by the conduct of business and corporate activities and in respect of the rights and legitimate interests of the community in which Ambiter operates and of individuals, groups, associations and institutions that are involved in the business.

This objective is pursued also in the awareness of environmental and ethical responsibilities involved in the preparation of studies, assessments, planning and evaluation of environmental sustainability of the plans.

Ambiter is fully aware of the importance of science and technology for the good of humanity and responsibility towards the society which it is required to exercise the professional activity and has practiced in harmony with the normal rules of good behavior of European society, especially respecting the professional rights and dignity of all those who work with it.

Ambiter intends to pursue its objectives in compliance with all applicable laws in the territory, Italian and UE, in which it operates and in accordance with the principles of honesty, integrity, loyalty, good faith, fairness, transparency and accountability.