Fauna, Flora, Ecosystems, Ecological Networks and Incidence Ratings

The number of projects followed by Ambiter in the field of Environmental Impact Studies and Studies of incidence have allowed the staff to develop considerable experience in aspects related to the analysis of ecosystems and the assessment of the actual damage that human activity  can cause to plants and animals components.
The surveys about fauna and flora aspects are of primary importance to support a proper engineering design; moreover, only with a good knowledge of the condition of the premises on which we will take action, you can proceed to the design of mitigation and environmental compensation.
In strongly anthropic contexts the ecological networks are of particular importance, as they make a connection system between areas and isolates natural elements. For this reason Ambiter pays particular attention to the maintenance and expansion of the various elements that make up the ecological network and undertakes that, both in the design of works in urban and regional planning, and paid particular attention to countervailing measures aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and the strengthening of the network of connections between the various habitats.
Thanks to the close collaboration with university facilities from time to time involved, as well as a detailed analysis of the literature and of sector planning, searches are carried out by an in-depth investigation into the site, taking account of the objectives set according to the type of investigation to be carried out (writing checklists , study populations , monitoring , surveys , etc.). All information gathered is then georeferenced using special instruments, shows cartographically processed and returned by suitable documents.
With regard to the assessment of environmental impact on ecosystems and the assessment of impact on the Natura 2000 network site, the Company makes use of specific quantitative models by applying the methods of loop analysis and network analysis.
With regard to the design of mitigation and compensation, AMBITER has specialized in the recreation of natural habitats, in particular with regard to the restoration and final settlement of the quarry areas and the design of wildlife passages for the maintenance of ecological permeability of road infrastructure.
Ambiter is also proposed as design support for defining the timelines of work compatible with the needs of wildlife, as well as specialist care for the animal and plant components during execution of works.
Particularly significant are the task of designing accommodations final quarry areas of Chiesuole, on the right bank of Taro river, and Cronovilla, on the left bank of the Enza river, which are nature reserves of international interest.