Environmental Monitoring and Wildlife Surveys

The operational structure of Ambiter has been able to consolidate a specific experience in the collection, analysis and evaluation of environmental data (both of physical and environmental - natural characters) and the return of information on the quality of resources and the distribution of pressure factors.
These skills and experience allow Ambiter to present itself as a reliable partner in the planning, organization and management plans and environmental monitoring campaigns for the following components: soil, groundwater and surface water, noise, vibration, air quality, wildlife, vegetation, fauna.
Particular skills were developed for the hydrobiological monitoring of surface water bodies, with the application of Fluvial Functioning Index, LIMec, STAR_ICMi, chemical and physical quality of water.
The Company will conduct studies and surveys aimed at drawing wildlife Studies of Environmental Impact Studies of incidence and wildlife management plans, making use of specialists with many years of experience in the field, using standardized techniques for monitoring of individual taxa (especially birds) and data processing according to the main protocols required by government and the criteria defined by the scientific community and by national and EU regulations. In addition, the constant collaboration with scientific experts from different groups of animals (amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) is used to broaden the scope of action based on the needs requests.
Ambiter is also able to serve its customers in all phases of wildlife monitoring , ranging from planning, organization and research on the field until the final elaboration of the data by returning the appropriate documentation (maps , technical reports, etc. . ) . The ability of proper planning of wildlife monitoring makes it possible to identify the best design options , providing the appropriate tools to solve problematic situations from the point of view of the environment.
On the basis of past experience , Ambiter has acquired experience in the implementation of monitoring pre -construction - , post- and -operational during construction works such as road infrastructure , photovoltaic systems , wind power plants.