Green design, bioengineering and phytoremediation

Thanks to its many years of experience, Ambiter is able to perform the final design and execution of various types of green works such as mitigation and environmental compensation, street furniture, landscaping works and infrastructure, natural recovery and restoration of degraded areas such as quarries and yards.
The Company is also able to design interventions to environmental engineering and water purification system .
During the final design to ensure the success of interventions is crucial the correct definition of the techniques and methods of achieving them; for this AMBITER is able to develop a detailed design of the various stages of processing through the preparation of specifications for the specific works to green and the preparation of related bill of quantities. Ambiter can also provide valuable technical support in the field through the construction supervision of the planned measures .

The skills available within the staff AMBITER guarantee a high-profile design, especially in particularly delicate, such as the recovery and restoration in protected areas or in natural ecosystems of particular value.

Among the numerous corporate covered in the curriculum include:

  • the design of a constructed wetland for water treatment of the Busseto Canal (PR), designed as a mitigation measure for the construction of a sand quarry in the floodplain area of the Po river. With this intervention AMBITER participated in the 12th IWA International Conference Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control (4-9 October 2010) and the project has been published as the proceedings of the Conference.