AMBITER, formed in Parma in 1993 as partnership, was created in order to improve professional experiences matured in the fields of the territorial planning, environmental engineering and computer science.

In 1993 was formed Ambiter s.r.l., configured as an engineering firm that deals with geotechnical, environmental design and planning.

In the years 1993-1999 Ambiter developed numerous projects of mining and environmental arrangement in close collaboration with professionals from outside the company.

Since 1999 Ambiter works on environmental impact assessments and design enriching the professionalism of its staff with many different technical and scientific disciplines. In 2000 the brand AMBITER was deposited over the entire national territory (First deposit in 1999, Renewal in 2009). 

Since 2002 AMBITER is registered in the Registro delle società di Ingegneria (Register of Engineering Firm) at the Autorità per la Vigilanza sui Contratti Pubblici di Lavori, Servizi e Forniture (Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts of Works, Services and Supplies).

In 2005 AMBITER moved to a new office building, assuming the current configuration. The company is still expanding, has progressively integrated the professionalism with attention to form an interdisciplinary team, knowledgeable and helpful.