Vibrational Impact Studies

In Ambiter are present competent technicians in acoustics, specialized in the propagation of vibrations in the ground and in buildings, in compliance with UNI 9614 "Measurement of vibrations in buildings and evaluation criteria of the disorder", UNI 9916 "Criteria for measuring and assessing the effects of vibration in buildings" and ISO 2631/1 and 2631/2 "Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration".
The technical staff is able to provide the following services:
  • campaigns of vibration monitoring before, during and post-construction;
  • scenario modeling to predict the impact of vibration from point sources and linear;
  • preparation of the report forecast impact from vibration;
  • design of mitigation works by vibration;
  • assessment of the risks from vibration at the workplace ( Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and ISO 5349-1 and ISO 5349-2 and ISO 2631-1 2001 1997).
As part of its activities Ambiter followed numerous reports forecasting the impact of vibrational quarries, road infrastructure, temporary construction sites, industrial plants, production of renewable energy (with particular reference to the impacts caused by wind turbines).

Among the work carried out is noted Evaluation of component vibrations for the detailed design and final design of the motorway link between the cities of Brescia and MIlan (BreBeMi) .