Environmental Communication and Education

As part of its activities Ambiter promotes environmental communication to public interlocutors (Entities and Public Administration) and private (Companies, Stakeholders, Associations of citizens), through participation in conferences services, Technical tables, Public Inquiries , contradictory, and/or other meetings related to procedures for EIA Screening and object assignment.
Guaranteed consulting and technical support for the preparation and reporting of the findings in the course of procedures in place (preparation of reports and/or other formal documents), because Service Conferences and Public Inquiries are often occasions useful to ensure the exchange of information flows. In this context, are made ​​available to the customer the expertise and skills acquired by the Company as part of its multi-year professional career.
Ambiter also promotes the dissemination of his professional experience by participating in conferences and workshops, and through the sponsorship of conferences and seminars on environmental issues.
The group also operates in the field of training and personnel of the Company conducts activities to support the teaching in university courses related to Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment, as well as post-graduate professional training courses .