Strategic Planning

Ambiter, thanks to its multi-disciplinary skills, is able to take on projects of strategic planning, supporting the government in institutional activities.

copertina valutazione antenne comune di Parma

The activity also relates to the preparation of evaluation systems "customized" to provide "transparent" decision support for specific problems. In this context, AMBITER has developed multi-criteria evaluation methods to verify the environmental and landscape of fixed mobile telephone systems, of advertising billboards, service stations, industrial installation with the requirements of APEA, alternatives to road infrastructures in place of their planning.

Ambiter, thanks to the experience gained in the field of renewable energies and the close collaboration with the Department of Technical Physics and Environmental Architecture of the University of Ferrara offers advice to local authorities for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of Plan Action for Sustainable Energy (SEAP).

In the field of planning of protected areas AMBITER supports the government in identifying policies to alleviate the pressures of human activities on natural resources and policies to support and enhance the socio-economic and cultural premises.

Cascata torrente Perino

In this regard, the Company has promoted, on behalf of the City of Scandiano, the establishment of the Natural Landscape and semi-protected Hill Reggio Emilia - Lands of Matilde (established in 2011 by the Province of Reggio Emilia)as well as having developed projects for the protection, recovery and enhancement relative to river areas, such as the Project for the protection, restoration and enhancement of the falls and the valley of Perino river, the Project for the protection, restoration and enhancement of the right bank of the river Trebbia and Project of environmental and land improvement of the river Nure.

In the context of integrated water managementthe company offers its experience to the preparation of Area Plans (sewerage, sewage treatment and water supply). In this regard AMBITER has collaborated in the preparation of the current Plan for ATO Piacenza and is engaged in the area plans for the territory of the provinces of Piacenza and Reggio.

Within the processes of Planning Ambiter has developed ecological network projects for several municipalities in the provinces of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia. AMBITER has also carried out studies preparatory to the definition of the ecological network, such as the analysis conducted within the ValSAT for the PTCP of the Province of Piacenza for the identification of areas more suited to the nature protection.

Of particular importance was the participation of AMBITER to the Territory Joint Project, funded by the Ministry of Transport (Progetto Territorio Snodo, finanziato dal Ministero dei Trasporti), regarding the logistics hub of the city of Piacenza, participating in the identification of the choices and environmental infrastructure necessary for the consolidation of the role of logistics in the city of Piacenza, ensuring environmental conditions and pursuing the general improvement of the city.

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