Urban & Territorial Planning and SEA

Ambiter has developed numerous projects related to territorial planning, urban and sectoral planning and their variants and provides assistance to proponents of territorial development plans and programs (SEA and verification of subjection of spatial planning instruments, urban planning, operative and of sector for public and private entities).

Propensity to nature conservation PTCP di Piacenza

The activity of planning deals with the management of the processes of VAS at the different stages of preparation of the required technical documentation (Cognitive Framework Environmental, Environmental Report, Non-Technique Summary), for consultation and communication within institutions, citizens and stakeholders as well as activities to support the government during the process of adoption and approval.

The experience led to the definition of solid valuation methodologies from the technical and scientific point of view and effective in addressing the contents of the Plan through multi-criteria evaluation techniques and quantitative numerical evaluation of territorial indicators, aimed to supporting the decision-maker in the evaluation of alternative choices using graphic rendering and immediate results.

PSC di Parma

In particular, the Company has faced more than 120 SEA and process and verification of subjection of spatial planning instruments, urban planning, and implementation of sector for private and public entities.

Among the major studies will highlight the activities of the SEA carried out for the Territorial Coordination Plan (PTCP) in the Province of Piacenza, to the Municipal Structural Plan (PSC) of the towns of Parma, Piacenza, Fidenza and Scandiano, Plan for Municipal Operations (POC) of the City of Parma, for the Building and Town Planning Regulations (RUE) of the City of Scandiano and the City of Parma, as well as numerous implementation Plans (PUA) of new construction and rehabilitation, and many variations of the above instruments or partial Plans Regulator General (PRG).