AMBITER is an environmental engineering firm formed in order to combine professional experiences in the fields of territorial and environmental planning, geology, hydraulic engineering and renewable energy. The company specializes in innovative solutions for planning and management of land, carrying out studies, projects and research.

The considerable attention paid to environmental issues, in the widest sense of the term, allows Ambiter to support public administrations and engineering company towards full sustainability of choices and designs.

Ambiter offers its own capacity for analysis and integrated design, guaranteed by a fully trained and highly motivated multidisciplinary staff, willing to endure scientific research and to collaboration with the University.

Ambiter is constantly developing and employs a multidisciplinary staff able to deal with complex issues, ensuring high level of professionalism. The Company is organized to deliver services to:

  • Public Administrations about spatial and sectoral planning, for their assistance during the procedures of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Evaluation of incidence and for the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies of public works;
  • Designers, providing support activities for all the environmental and geotechnical insights, ensuring coordination of all the professionals who should contribute to the verification of the feasibility and sustainability of the project;
  • Companies to ensuring assistance for environmental permissions and during the EIA procedures for new authorizations;
  • Individuals who have to deal with environmental and geologic-seismic issues;
  • Companies in the mining sector, providing full assistance in all authorization phases;
  • Individuals involved in the development of renewable energy systems, providing assistance for planning, authorization and construction of the facilities.
A deep sense of ethics accompanies Ambiter in its business.